What's in a logo? Probably more than you think!

There is a lot more to a logo than your company name in your favorite font. In fact, the logo is typically the first thing a reader will notice before reading text. Your logo appears on your company letterhead, business cards, advertising, etc, as a graphic representation or symbol of your company. Logos help create a brand identity for your company, business, or product. The primary purpose of a logo is to provide brand recognition and inspire trust. A logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and versatile.

Your logo should conjure up the feeling you want your target audience to associate with your business.

A good logo design conveys the overall essence of the business. It should portray your business as positive, professional, stable and reliable. Your logo will help your company to stand out from other similar companies. A logo should be easy to recognize, memorable, and visually appealing.

Each aspect of a logo’s design should be carefully analyzed to ensure that it does in fact communicate the right message. The logo’s colors, style, size, shape, font, composition and balance, play an important part in the effectiveness of the logo. The style of the logo will determine the overall feeling conveyed to the public. The logo’s style will determine how people will view your business. Conservative, fun, trendy, casual, formal,  professional, or exclusive.

A good logo is a vital part of a any successful business and much more influential than most people realize. People are often unaware of the effect logos have on their own decisions. They may also be unaware of the influence a well designed logo can have on their business.

No one knows your business like you do.  A well designed logo can communicate much more than you think.

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