The best kind of photo retouching is the kind that doesn’t look retouched. Beautiful natural looking digital retouching.

Every photo can benefit from retouching, such as skin smoothing, removing lines and darkness from under the eyes, whitening eyes and teeth, softening lines, blemish removal, cleaning up stray hairs. We also offer more complex retouching like changing colors of clothing or background, figure slimming or enhancing, fixing teeth, etc.  We can work from a digital file, negative, slide, or print. We provide you with a digital copy of your job archived on CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive, or Digital Download. We also offer in-house exhibition quality printing on a variety of photographic and fine art papers.



Skin Smoothing


One of the black arts of photographic retouching is knowing how to achieve smooth, yet sharply rendered skin. You know, the kind seen in fashion and beauty magazines. At RestoreMyPix we use a technique called frequency separation which involves creating a high detail ( high spatial frequency ) layer and a low detail layer from a source image. Using this technique enables us to smooth and rework both rough and fine details independently. Once combined into one image the result is silky smooth skin and crisp image detail.



We can smooth skin to any degree of realism. From removing fine lines to major cosmetic imperfections skin retouching makes everyone look better. Just ask your neighborhood supermodel. Let us give your portfolio head shots a make-over. Or any of your favorite pictures!


For more information please give Alex a call at (403) 460-1840 or email us at For more information on Photo Restoration visit our Classic Photo Restoration page. By Appointment Only.