We turn ordinary photos into extraordinary photos! Let us create something special from your favourite shot.

Colorization and Toning
Some photos look good in black and white, some in color, and some somewhere in-between. Let us colorize your favorite photo. Give your photo that old fashioned hand colored look. Our colorizing is not a one click Photoshop filter. It’s digital painting!

Why not add an interesting texture to create an artistic interpretation of your favorite shot. We can create effects such as painted textures, hand drawn effects, lighting effects, surreal surroundings, and much, much more!

We can add custom text, graphics, logos, borders, etc, to any image. Perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, posters, casting cards, advertisements and more. Be sure to check out our creative design page.

We turn your photos into meaningful works of art that you will proudly display in your home.


Everyone has a favorite picture. Maybe it’s a shot of your child’s first day of school, or that hilarious shot from your buddies crazy golf trip. Whatever it is, I can transform it into something special!

This example is of a creative restoration of and old, out of focus print that didn’t even make it to the photo album. It was under exposed and had very poor color. What I did was make a high resolution scan, straightened and cropped the image, restored color, adjusted exposure, contrast, saturation, and removed dust spots and scratches. This brought the photo back to a really good usable and printable image. However due to the blurry original there was limited detail and definition.

Then I got creative. I manually manipulated the image by splitting it into layers creating 4 different images for specific parts of the photo. One for the  background, one for skin, one for hair, and one for clothing. I have several Photoshop tricks that I use for my signature ‘Dream Paint’ technique. As you can see the end result is a beautiful modern digital painting. The version below obviously has been scaled for internet display but the image I created can be enlarged to print up to 24 x 36 inches. Perfect for printing on canvas!

The image effects used for my creative restorations are not done by simply clicking a preset Photoshop filter.  I put a substantial amount of time into creating a style and look that not only captures the mood of the original photo but also enhances it. All of my creative restorations are one of a kind and hand designed. No templates!. My work is 100% custom created for you. If you have a favorite photo that you would like transformed into a work of art please call Alex. (403) 460-1840 or email me at restoremypix@shaw.ca



More samples below.


Drawing-Noel copy


Creative restoration of a low quality digital photo taken in 2012. Noel Gallagher. – © Alex Brown.



Creative restoration of a great shot. Originally shot with a cheap 110 camera in 1985.


Drawing-GP copy



This is a sample of a creative restoration. Original was 3.5 x 5 inches. Now it can be printed any size. Perfect for a canvas!




Creative restoration from a photo scanned from family photo album. – © Alex Brown.



You’ll probably recognize this one. I have created many versions of this image. The original is an image of my Mom & Dad that was shot in 1954. I love this photo so much that I use it in my advertising all the time.


Poster Effect. – © Alex Brown.



Dragonfly. Mixed Effects. – © Alex Brown.


Castle. Multiple effects including infrared glow and dark strokes. Taken in Scotland. 1995. – © Alex Brown.





 For more creative restoration samples please visit our mixed creative gallery.