This client restoration project was to scan and restore an original glass negative created in 1899. The original size of the glass negative was approximately 4.8″ x 6.3″.  The glass negative was scanned at 1600 dpi for a 77.6 megapixel working image size. Exactly 7715 x 10063 pixels. Although the glass negative was in very good overall condition – the scan revealed cracking, deterioration, and chips and scratches. ( as seen in smaller detail images. ) This is the restored version in full size. Note: How high resolution scanning even shows the grain in the original negatives emulsion. Use the Zoomify viewer below to view in full resolution. You can navigate with thumbnail image in the top left hand corner. Click the icon on the far right in the Zoomify viewer control panel to view in full screen.


Mouse over the image above and use the zoom controls to view Full size resolution. Choose symbol on the right to view in full screen mode. Recommended.


Detail of skin one.

After restoration.

Detail of skin two.

After Restoration.

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