RestoreMyPix Retouching Price List.  We offer pre-paid credits for our worldwide customers online orders.

Basic Retouching
Per Image
Deluxe Retouching
Per Image
Premium Retouching
Per Hour
Dust Removal
Minor Scratch Removal
Color Correction
Basic Image Fix
Blemish Removal
Teeth Whitening
Eye Whitening
Minor Digital Alterations
Skin Smoothing
Digital Make-up
Object Color Change
Background Changes

RestoreMyPix retouching services are priced in three categories.  - Basic - Deluxe - and Premium -

Basic retouching – for minor retouching such as scratch and blemish removal, exposure and color issues, and cropping.

Deluxe retouching – includes all Basic retouching plus teeth and eye whitening and minor digital alterations like fixing chipped teeth, removing fly away hairs, etc.

Premium retouching – includes advanced skin smoothing, digital make-up, clothing and object color changes, removing objects, body enhancements, figure slimming, etc. Premium retouching work is charged on an hourly rate and is rounded up or down to the closest 15 minutes. eg: If we spend an hour and 15 minutes on your image you would be billed for 1.25 hours. We will give you an accurate estimate of cost for all Premium retouching orders once we see your image.



Buy Credits Credits can be used for all RestoreMyPix services. If you are sending us digital images or have any questions click here.